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Cosmic Korean Car Wax 200g – Car Body Polish Coating Paste

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Cosmic Korean Car Wax 200g Car body hard polishing wax Kangaroo Superior Quality Car Wax Hard Type Car Wax It makes polishing quick and easy.; Beautiful long-lasting gloss continuously.; Spreads over metal surface instantly. ;Forms a strong wax film on the surface Directions Remove the dust and dirt on the surface of the car. Open the cap. Apply a small amount of wax; on the sponge. Rub evenly on the surface in a circular motion several times. Allow to dry up and wipe off with a clean soft cloth. Caution Avoid application when the car body is hot and keep Container sealed when not in use. Do not use it for other usages.;Keep out of reach of children. Do not get it in the eyes. In; case of eye contact, immediately rinse the eyes with water. Keep away from heat, sparks and open flame. Applying a coat of car wax or a synthetic paint sealant to your car’s finish offers 2 major benefits and some secondary benefits too.;Protects the paint, which protects your investment and makes the paint look good, which makes the car look good in turn.;;People can agree or disagree with these. The two primary benefits ;I’ve listed are in fact the top primary benefits provided by applying a coat of car wax or a paint sealant to your car’s finish, but I think it’s pretty safe to say that the majority of car owners will wax their car for one of these two reasons and usually both. Besides those to major benefits, here are some spin-off benefits from the above.; Protecting the paint preserves the paint. In addition to that, applying a coat of wax or a paint sealant as a part of a regular maintenance program preserves the integrity of the paint, it keeps the paint in good condition.


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