KIA Pakistan announces massive Rs1.5mn price drop

Lucky Motors Corporation (LMC) in Pakistan has made a significant move marking its five years of CKD operations. They’ve revised the price of their vehicles, now offering them at a much more attractive rate of Rs. 4,767,000, down from the previous Rs. 6,280,000. This substantial reduction is likely to excite potential buyers and breathe new life into the automotive market, injecting fresh momentum and potentially increasing sales for LMC.

It’s worth noting that while Lucky Motors Corporation (LMC) has significantly reduced the price of one of its models, it has opted to maintain the prices of its other models. Additionally, earlier this year in March, LMC also lowered the prices of its popular crossover, the Kia Sportage. However, the company has not disclosed the specific reasons behind these pricing adjustments. This strategic decision may reflect various factors, such as market demand, competition, cost optimization, or even changes in government policies or regulations affecting the automotive industry.

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